The Hidden Email

This email has been released to the public, after being hidden for some twenty months.  I am withholding the name of the DHS official who wrote this email out of deep respect for her courage, compassion, and insight.  The email was written on Jan 13, 2015, the day after the children were kidnapped.  Bro Hal

Compare with Senator Alan Clark’s Article

Subject: Stanley children

I spoke with Children’s Pediatric Clinic regarding this priority 1.  They will not be able to see the children today based on the fact that there might be ‘poisoning”.  They have recommended they be taken to Children’s Emergency Room for the initial.  The children will need to be tested for Renal failure and breathing problems.  (none of which were apparent last night)

Further, Mrs. Gatlin will be setting up hair follicles on all 7 children to see if the controversy MMS (Miracle Mineral Solutions) can be found in their hair.  If the MMS is found in their hair , I am not sure what that constitutes.  The MMS is legal and promoted as a cure for the simple cold to acne to the flu and to other more serious diseases.  MMS can also be considered to be a toxic solution of 28%[1] sodium chlorite in distilled water but only if activated by a citrus (fruit).  The common symptoms of daily use is diarrhea , stomach pains , etc, none of which the children reported.  Other symptoms may be acute renal failure, which we will be glad to test for.  Of course these definitions vary upon which web site you look at.

Further:  upon staffing with Tom, this case feels like the ultimate violation of a families freedom to live their own culture.  We are continually getting SDM classes and training and understanding how culture impacts those decisions.  It is apparent to me that this family has its own unique culture.  They home school, they don’t believe in modern medicine and they use a legal vitamin to try and keep the children healthy and from all accounts it appeared that the children were very healthy.  From reports, the search warrant did not find anything that would constitute the children being severely maltreated.  It appears to me that the only thing this family has done is not conform to modern society and how certain government officials feel they should be living.

If there is any other information that the State Police is aware of that may constitute severe maltreatment, it should probably be disclosed to us.

5 of the children are placed at Open Arms in Lonoke, 2 are at a shelter in Conway.

Jennifer, with only three staff members at this time, can you please see if the other counties will assist with these appointments.  The Priority 1 ER visit needs to be completed by 8:00 tonight.


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