Family Court Hell


Caseworkers come to your home. They take your children. Then to shut you up they tell you the plan is reunification at some unspecified point in the future.

1- They give you a hearing date.

2-They tell you to sign the adjudication papers so you can “proceed” with reunification(DON’T DO IT). If you feel you are being pressured or blackmailed ti sign then above your signature add “signed under duress”.

3- They give you a service plan that Jesus Christ couldn’t complete in the allotted time (AND THEY KNOW IT), if you get close they start the stall tactics so they can tell the judge you have not finished your service plan in a timely manner.

4- They will not take your calls, not tell you that they will only accept evaluations and services from providers they “approve”.

5-They begin to lengthen the time between visits, cancel visits, tell your kids it’s your fault the visit was cancelled.

6-They start the systematic alienation of your children from their lives as they prepare the children for the forced adoption process.

7- They will say the most untrue, biased, twisted things about you to the judge and he will believe them because they are caseworkers and their 1/2 truths are the law.

8- You will be lied to, mistreated, told you are a terrible parent, manipulated and belittled in preparation for termination of your parental rights.

9-No matter how many services you complete, there is always a new service that takes at least 16 weeks(so you are not done by the next court date)to complete.

10-Your parental rights are terminated. Ether outright or in a fiasco of a “jury trial” where the innuendos, 1/2 truths, and outright lies about you are paraded in front of an unsuspecting “jury of your peers”, as facts about your child and your life, in such a way that it makes you look like Charles Manson!
11-You never hear from the agency that permanently removed your child again. They got the goods. They have no future need of you. No services are offered to assist you with your PTSD, depression, suicidal and homicidal thoughts. You are expected to resume your life as though you just went for a walk in the park.

All this time you are stumbling along believing that surely there is justice because this is a “court of law” and there is “due process”. Then before you know it you are not seeing your kids at all anymore and the “judge” is terminating your rights. WHERE IS THE DUE PROCESS AND JUSTICE?

The family court system is a travesty of justice and there is NO DUE PROCESS, and yet you go along because surely this cannot be happening in the United States of America! Right? Well YOU ARE WRONG! These caseworkers are going to take your children forever if you don’t stand and fight! They get paid with your state and federal tax dollars to take your children away! AND WHETHER YOU DO THAT STUPID SERVICE PLAN OR NOT THEY ARE GOING TO DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO DESTROY YOUR FAMILY FOREVER!

You need to educate yourself to the laws in your state! Do not think that that court appointed or even a private attorney is going to do this job for you. STAND UP And learn the laws, the constitution and most importantly THE BILL OF RIGHTS and get ready for battle! Question EVERYTHING! Refute EVERYTHING. Get second opinions by other doctors. Stop saying you can’t afford it and figure out a way! YOU ARE IN A LIFE AND DEATH BATTLE FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND THOSE BASTARDS ARE IN IT TO TAKE YOUR CHILDREN FOREVER! If you believe anything less than that you are being foolish.

If you are reading this you know one person who is ready for battle. We must unite in common cause to fight for our constitutional right to our home, hearth, and family. Advocates and activists are working very hard to address the issues you are facing. Join with us as we prepare for battle, for our #TAKEN children.

There are many ways to actively resist the family court process. The first and most important is to NEVER sign any document. When you sign you are in effect handing your children away. NEVER hand over your legal documents of your child. When you give up the social security card and birth certificate you ARE helping child protective services erase the paper trail of your child. JOIN US, in active resistance to the corrupt family court system. We must UNITE AND FIGHT!!!


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