Could You Prayer This Prayer?

lighthouse1Joseph Alleine was a puritan of the 17th Century.  His little book  Alarm To The Unconverted was used of the Lord Jesus to bring many into the Kingdom of God.  Sadly, in our day not many, even preachers, really believe that sinners are lost.  It seems we have lost the consciousness of lostness!  Admitted, men have problems they can’t solve and need a little help from time to time, but given enough help and time, he can work things.  Yes, the Bible still says that “he that believeth not is under the wrath of God” (John 3:36), but where are those who really believe in the wrath of God anymore?  I do!!!  We need to learn to pray as Joseph Alleine prayed!  Take your time, and take it in.  You might be praying like him some day.
‘O all-powerful Jehovah, who works, and none can hinder You, who has the keys of death and hell pity the dead souls that lie here entombed, and roll away the gravestone, and say as to the dead body of Lazarus, Come forth!  Enlighten this darkness, O inaccessible Light, and let the dayspring from on high visit the dark regions of the dead, to whom I speak; for You can open the eye that death itself has closed. You that formed the ear, can restore the hearing. Say to these ears,
Ephphatha!  and they shall be opened. Give eyes to see Your excellencies, a taste that may relish Your sweetness, a scent
that may savor Your ointment, a feeling that may discern the privilege of Your favor, the burden of Your wrath, the intolerable weight of unpardoned sin! And give Your servant the command to prophesy to dry bones, and let the effects of this prophecy be as of Your prophet when he prophesied the valley of dry bones into a living army exceeding great!’
Bro Hal

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