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Sovereign Immunity Is A Fiction

This article is short (shorter than my commentary) and to the point. Please read it. If you have heard or read anything that our Senator Alan Clark has been alleging you will see that as far away as California and as long ago as decade, this cancer had permeated the child welfare system. It has been and continues to be business as usual. Just weeks ago he witnessed a DHS investigator perjure herself. For a year he has witnessed the Director of Parent Counsel perjure himself.

I assure you it has metastasized to all agencies involved, and is infused with and feeds off toxic federal funds. Child Welfare is a putrid and vile quagmire of judicial rules and orders leading to vulgar appellate rulings, and is combined with unconstitutional statutes and discriminatory policies and procedures that are flaunted or ignored by the agencies as they suit their purposes.

Child Welfare is terminal. There is not one single vital organ within the entire system that is not cancerous.

Small, careful, incremental changes will not “reform” child welfare. Be careful not to listen to bureaucrats and politicians that tell you it is mostly working and there are only a few extreme cases where children are not being protected, or that their procedures and customs do not in and of themselves destroy families and traumatize children. They are lying.

They will try to scare you and tell you that we must move slowly and preserve the majority of the current system else we will jeopardize the safety of the children. That is complete and utter BULLSHIT. The current system does more damage than good. The proof is there! It is being covered up by the cancerous putrid body that desperately wants to survive.

Only drastic, swift, and sweeping change is acceptable. The Governor must act and he must act now. ASA HUTCHINSON is the only person in the state with the power to take the action that is needed.

Will he man up and do it? If his record on this issue is any indication the answer is no. If not he should be held accountable. He has been informed and he has been warned. There is no longer plausible deniability.

Asa, act or expect to be held accountable. Sovereign immunity is a fiction. Hint: SPECIAL SESSION.

Joe Churchwell

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