The Attack On Our Family

The family is the theme of the Bible narrative. The great scheme of God in salvation by sovereign grace is in the narrative of the family from Adam’s family to God’s family. God purposefully chooses the Name of “God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” The Father-Son relationship is thus the great vessel to contain the eternal salvation of God’s children. All His children are called brethren.

I will say boldly that without freedom in the family, there will be no freedom in this country. Paul says, Gal 5:1 “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” The ESV says: ‘For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.’ Christ set us free so we can live free. We are not free to live as in anarchy, but free to obey our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ ever says, “If you love me, keep my commandments’, John 14:15. No power in heaven, earth or hell is permitted to keep us from the freedom of obedience to Christ. This is especially true in the family. Thus, without freedom in the family, there is no real outer freedom for the christian. When the christian family is destroyed by the laws of the land or by sin and Satan, there is no foundation for real freedom.

The Kidnapping(Note the weapons)

On January 12, 2015 my family lost its frep1124270edom when the Garland County Sheriff decided to take my seven children into custody. This was a brutal attack.  Nine months later, it is clear we had broken no law and there was no just cause for those armed deputies to terrorize my children by taking them from the love and freedom of their home. Of the seven, only one of the children had ever spent a night away from their parents. None of them had ever been to a doctor or taken any medicine. None had even taken an aspirin! With a DHS worker in my living room telling me that there was no reason for them to take the children, and in fact he was on the phone continually for the 5 hours they were in our home with his office and his office was refusing to take the children, we felt this ordeal would be over soon. Finally, deputy sheriff Mike Wright called and got permission from recently elected sheriff Mike McCormick to take the children for seventy-two hours. It was six months later before we again had custody of all the children. This story must be told.

Now think with me. When they herded my children into the squad cars and whisked them off to the DHS, how were they treated different than criminals? When I look at the terror on their faces on the photos we have of the event, I cannot tell the difference as if they were kidnapped by the mafia. At that point in time we lost most of our most precious freedoms as a family. We could no longer worship as a family. We could not home school them or control their education, and within three days they were enrolling the children in public school. None of them had been in public school a day in their lives. We could not minister to their health or welfare. None of them had been to a doctor for sickness, or taken any medicine, and yet, within the first week they were medicated. We could no longer care for their financial needs and neither could they meet their responsibilities in caring for our family. Perhaps the most tragic thing was that I could no longer be the head of my family. In every aspect of our family the DHS was expressing their authority. For three months we could not talk to the children about what was most important in their lives, that is “the case”. We were strictly forbidden to talk to the children about what had happened to them. In every visit we had with them there had to be at least two workers there to make sure we did not talk about “the case”. The children, who had been protected by their father and mother all their lives, could not simply ask, “Why did this happen? Did we do something wrong? Did you do something wrong?”. I don’t think the children will ever again know the security they had under the authority of the home as God has planned.

We lost our freedom, and if they did it to us, they can do it to you. This ministry will try to prepare you for when they come for your children. Better yet we will instruct and inspire in the things of the Word of God to build stronger families and thus be more able to defend our freedoms. Under the section of this site called Family Defense we hope to provide the best education and information on how to resist the encroaching power of government into the families of Christians. It will be a battle in these end times which some call “post christian America”. Come join us in the battle!

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